Private Garden Route Tours

Garden Route Private Tours

The private tours become more and more popular. If you want to be spoiled on a 7 day Garden Route Trip – if you want to sit back and relax, please enquire now. We make all the bookings and you will have a personal guide to assist you during your Garden Route Trip. Sit back, relax and enjoy – we do all the driving (for most of you “on the wrong side of the road”) – we know where the nice restaurants and beaches are, we will make sure, that you have a super holiday.

Feedback from our German visitors, Ute and Roland: “Wir denken oft an unsere schöne Zeit in Südafrika und hoffen auf eine Wiederholung mit Dir, vielleicht sogar in Namibia! Immer wieder stellen wir fest, wie toll Du unsere Reise organisiert und uns begleitet hast – das sucht weltweit seinesgleichen...”

We only want to offer the best and are proud and happy if clients like Ute and Roland say: “Ever so often we think about our trip to South Africa and we hope to repeat this – maybe even visiting Namibia with you! Again and again we realize how well our trip was organized and how well your personal guidance was. It was world-class quality.”